Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Income Opportunity

Can I pay you $39 by Paypal ?

Hi ,

Every now and then along comes something so totally unique, so different and wild, it just takes off and screams "I'm making money!"

This is one of those...

You've got to see this site. Spend a little time here. In fact, you can even get paid, just by being there for a few minutes... now that's wild!

Have you ever wondered, what if at least 1000 registered users of paypal purchased this outstanding "The Fortune" gallery from you for $39 each?

The answer is...

You will then have $39,000 in cash, within hours.

So why would each paypal user purchase "The Fortune" gallery from you for $39? Because, they too will have an opportunity to make a lightning fast $39 cash per sale by purchasing the gallery from you and so on.

We're talking huge cash flow in your paypal account...

Make a lightning fast $39 cash per purchaser direct into your paypal account (that's $39,000 for just 1000 purchasers!), immediately from your computer from anywhere, bypassing your regular job. No delays - just fast, direct and easy!

Uncover this breakthrough $39 "The Fortune" gallery trick and start pulling what interests you the most in your paypal account starting right now.

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